Welcome to Brogborough Solar Park Development

The expansion of Solar energy development within the UK, is a fundamental requirement to ensure the UK can achieve its zero carbon objectives by 2050. 

Infinis Solar Development Ltd is looking to support the UK’s zero carbon strategy and has submitted an application for planning permission to construct a Solar Park in Brogborough, Bedfordshire.

Former Landfill sites by their nature are difficult areas to develop and we consider this sustainable development an appropriate use of the land.

The site is approximately 41 hectares with the proposed Solar Park infrastructure taking up only a third of this. 

The Solar Park is projected to generate around 40,700 megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable energy per year – enough to power 9,600 homes in the local area.

This website is designed to give you the opportunity to understand the proposed development further.  We had planned to hold some local open evenings but unfortunately COVID-19 and required social distancing prevented this.  However, after reading this website if you have any unanswered question then please get in touch through the details on the Contacts page.

You can also view or comment on our submitted planning application using the following link:
Central Bedfordshire Council Planning Pages

About Us

Infinis Solar Developments Limited is part of the Infinis Group.  Infinis holds a unique position in the UK Energy sector generating renewable energy while also preventing emission of methane generated by landfill.

In 2019 Infinis operations generated 1,400GWhs of electricity and prevented the equivalent of 6 million tonnes of CO2 escaping into the atmosphere through capturing and generating electricity from landfill methane gas.  The Infinis Group has been operating since 2006.

Health, safety and environmental protection is the foundation of our business.  Infinis has received gold awards from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (“ROSPA”) for the last twelve consecutive years and the International Safety award from the British Safety Council for the last eleven consecutive years.

Unlike other energy generators, we don’t operate large power plants.  Our business model is based on small sites spread across the UK.  Importantly, this allows us to deliver energy to the local communities which are close to our sites.

Being a ‘good neighbour’ is a key part of how we operate.  We also believe in the importance of giving back to our local communities and have provided funds and employee time to over 150 local and national charities within the UK.

How have we chosen this site?

Through its landfill gas capture activities, Infinis has already been generating low carbon power on this site for 19 years.  While this site is closed to new waste, the existing waste ‘below ground’ gradually decomposes.  As waste decomposes it generates methane which Infinis captures through a series of wells across the site.  The methane is then used as a fuel source to generate renewable electricity. 

Adding the Solar Park ‘above ground’ means we can increase the amount of zero-carbon energy we produce from a single site while utilising some of our existing equipment.  

Importantly we commit to supporting the landowner (FCC Environmental) in returning the site to its natural state and creating a useable natural landscape at the end of the life of the Solar Park.

Why would we like to build it?

Solar Parks produce clean, renewable energy with no emissions and almost no noise.  Solar Parks are a friendly addition to the local community.   

Sunlight is a reliable (even in the UK!), long-term, free resource. By utilising sun light for energy generation, we are not extracting any precious or finite resources.  Solar is the cleanest form of energy generation and has zero carbon emissions from operation.

The UK Government has ambitious plans to combat climate change.  Legislation has been passed to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. 

Our Vision

The construction of the Solar Park should take no longer than 6 months and it will be operational for 35 years.  As the proposed development is on the existing landfill site, we don’t need to create additional accessways which avoids roadworks and temporary traffic disruption.  All construction equipment will remain on site throughout the construction period – it would be reasonable to expect that the construction of this project will not impact your daily lives.

Following construction, we will be planting hedgerows and trees around the site in order to improve biodiversity and further enhance the natural habitat for local wildlife. 

How can I find out more?

We will be adding relevant updates to this website as our application progresses.

The Contacts page provides the contact information if you have any questions which are not answered on this website.


What are the key benefits?

  • Brogborough Solar Park will generate zero carbon power for around 9,600 local homes each year
  • Our innovative approach of developing on landfill, ensures other greenfield local spaces are kept free and available for you and your families to use
  • By developing additional areas of habitat through planting hedgerows, trees and grassland Brogborough Solar Park will create a more diverse habitat for local wildlife
  • Infinis Solar Developments is solely funding the proposed Solar Park without any public money or aid from the Government ensuring government funds can be focused more on those in need at this challenging time

Contact Us

Your questions and feedback are very important to us. You can contact our team using any of the methods below.

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